Space Opera Podcast

Space Opera Podcast

“Saint Stephen’s Dream: A Space Opera” is an episodic podcast/Web radio (“wadio?”) show, companion novel and real-world music-theater production of the WebTheater of WestVirginiaVille. It is most of all a space opera, in all senses of the words. We welcome serious (and un-serious but talented) folk who would like to help bring this particular dream further to life with suggestions and material aid. This is a beta test site of the production. Read along as you listen to episodes or download podcasts to your computer or portable listening device or Tricorder of your choosing.

I’m in search of the following people to dive into the story and offer feedback and involvement:

  • Fans of science fiction and fantasy.
  • Experienced podcasters to share their podcast mojo and help introduce this tale to the podcast community.
  • Copy editors or close readers of texts who got a B-plus or above in English in school.
  • WordPress guru(s) to tweak the code behind the site (which uses the WooThemes custom template ‘Fresh News’). So, I may preserve remnants of my composure, if not sanity, for episode-making when something just won’t $%#!!?! work or a new feature desperately needs adding.
  • Italian language speakers to monitor misdemeanors and felonies against Italian language, customs and locales (in upcoming episodes).
  • Residents/regular visitors to Venice to monitor geographic and historical allusions.
  • Beings from other worlds/dimensions, interested in contributing their views to the developing storyline. (Ibid).

If your feedback affects the telling of the story, you’ll be credited on the site and possibly in spin-off versions of the story, whether podcast, videocast, book or live performance. Plus, you’ll receive invitations to special “Saint Stephen’s Dream” performances, stagings and readings (Web and live) and cast parties. Did someone say party? One or more persons who make a signal contribution to the cause will be written into the script as a voice actor or walk-on character. WARNING: You’ll be a disposable character, perhaps in a red shirt, who may be knocked off or sent to another world when the narrative is done with you. But you have to start somewhere, sí?

Clarence Castillo