The Third Eye opens

The Third Eye opens

We hereby announce to both hither and yon that THIRD EYE CABARET will open soon for several days in two different locales within the hills of West Virginia. Third Eye Cabaret is a floating spectacle of theatrical music, art-folk-rock and the spoken/unspoken word.

SATURDAY, May 22, 7:30 to 9:30 pm | Third Eye Cabaret with special guests Option 22. Taylor Books, 226 Capitol St., Charleston, W.Va. Free. |

SEPT. 9 to 12 | Third Eye Cabaret also opens during the 2010 Culturefest World Music, Dance & Healing Arts Festival at the Appalachian South Folk Life Center near Pipestem, W.Va. Festival Admission. |

PERFORMERS INCLUDE various combinations of Doug Imbrogno, Douglas Io, Albert Perrone, Robert Blankenship, Lori McKinney, Sister LaLa, Clayton Blankenship, Kathleen Coffee, Kayla Ward and others. And possibly you. You’ll never know unless you’re there when the Third Eye opens.

Clarence Castillo